Spinach and Artichoke Dip


45 minutes

Serving Size:

14 servings


2 cups of shredded parmesan cheese

2 cups of spinach, fresh

14 ounces of artichoke hearts

2 teaspoons of garlic, minced

2/3 cup of sour cream

8 ounces of cream cheese

1/3 cups of mayonnaise



You can use frozen spinach if you like, just make sure to defrost and strain before use.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

In a bowl mix together the sour cream, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and garlic.

In a large pan, on a low flame, add spinach and cook until fully wilted. Stir often to be sure it does not stick to bottom of the pan.

Once cooked, strain the extra liquid out of the spinach and run through a food processor, place in a separate bowl.

Run the artichokes hearts through the food processor as well and place in the same bowl as the spinach and add the Parmesan cheese.

Mix all ingredients together and place in an 8 x 8 pan and bake for 25 minutes.