Cuban Sandwiches


12 thin slices of ham
butter, soft
6 hero rolls
yellow mustard
12 dill pickles
12 thin slices of swiss cheese
mojo marinated pork, sliced thin


1 In a skillet, fry ham until lightly brown on each side. Set aside.
2 Cut each roll length wise, coat the inside lightly with butter.
3 Place in skillet and toast lightly.
4 Once toasted to your liking, spread mustard, layer with pork, 2 slices of ham, 2 slices of swiss and pickles.
5 Spread butter on the top and bottom of sandwiches and place back into skillet.
6 Place parchment paper on top of sandwiches and place a heavy pot onto to press the sandwiches.
7 Remember to flip the sandwiches in the pan.

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