Antipasto Salad


15 minutes

Serving Size:

12 servings


1/4-pound roast beef

1/4-pound London broil

1/4-pound domestic ham

1/4-pound roasted turkey

1/4-pound pepperoni

1/4-pound hard salami

1/4-pound dilusso genoa salami

1/4-pound p&p loaf

1/4-pound olive loaf

1/4-pound sweet capocollo

1/4-pound hot capocollo

1/4-pound eye round

1/4-pound yellow American cheese

1/4-pound white American cheese

1/4-pound mozzarella

1/4-pound provolone

1 head of lettuce

Grape tomatoes


Mild banana rings


Cut meats and cheeses into squares and separate.

Keep meats and cheeses separate until being served to keep cheeses from being soggy.

Once ready to serve combine all ingredients together.